Handicrafts boutique & Café

In a scenic location by the river Vindelälven

We are open for the season May 26th - September 3rd. Opening hours are May - June 11-16 and July - September, 11-18.

Yest bakery is open year-round, and welcomes seated guests May 26th - September 3rd, 11-16.


Welcome to Slöjdarnas Hus at its beautiful location beside the unregulated river Vindelälven. Slöjdarnas Hus (Craftsmen’s house) is run by the non-profit association, Vännäs Slöjd.

In our large handicap-accessible shop and exhibition room, we offer a large assortment of handicrafts of very good quality. Most of the handicrafts are made by local craftsmen in nearby towns within the county. Here you will find glass, ceramics, textiles, rag rugs, wool, felt, knitwear, crocheted item, woodwork, baking utensils, knives, jewelry, art, and much more.

There is also a baking cabin and a playground for children on the property. The baking cabin can be rented to bake your own bread, but on some days you can purchase ready-baked flatbread. You can reserve the baking cabin by calling Gunnel Nygren at 070-381 7238.

Yest Café and Bakery

Inside Slöjdarnas Hus, you’ll find Yest Café and Bakery.

The Café is open 11-16 on the same days as the boutique. The bakery is open all year round.

During the summertime, you can enjoy outdoor seating with a view of the beautiful river Vindelälven.

Larger groups are asked to book seating in advance by calling: 070-585 12 06